Emotive Posing: Creating Images that Ooze Love-Hands on class with models, bring your camera!


    If you want to move beyond foreheads-touching-eyes-closed and create images that ooze love and connection no matter how uncomfortable your subjects might be in front of the camera, in this class we’ll walk through how to tell your clients’ story while also scratching your artistic itch, the backwards truth about creating natural looking images, plus the biggest mistakes photographers make when trying to create connection in their subjects (+ how to fix ’em, boo!), how to flatter your clients during emotional moments, and the process of conveying a variety of emotions so your images speak volumes and become unforgettable.

    Finding the Light: Shooting Natural Light Indoors-Styled Shoot With Amber Reverie, bring your camera!

    We all know that feeling of walking into your bride’s hotel room and sudden panic occurs knowing there is little space and little “good” light to work with for the getting ready photos.  Or the feeling of wondering if the ceremony in the little dark chapel where no flash is allowed will even turn out okay.  When shooting weddings, many difficult lighting situations occur that can be beyond ones control and if you are like most photographers, we rely on our natural light resources.  Jessica will explain her process of “finding the light”, moving her subjects to the best lighting situation when possible, working with her camera settings when it is not possible to move the subject (i.e. during the ceremony!) and overall giving you the confidence to search for the best natural light in any scenario and then utilize it.

    Mastering reception shots with Off Camera Flash-Demo Class


    I have always been a firm believer in using the best tool for the job. Natural light tells an impeccable story and we all love it, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough. Over the years, mastering artificial light has afforded me all the tools I need to tell a full visual story, no matter the circumstance.

    In my class I will be walking through the characteristics of natural light and how that applies to artificial light… and guess, what? They are the same principals. I will focus on all the events of an entire of a wedding reception. From the first dance to the grand exit, I will physically go through these discussing both bounce flash and off camera flash. I will walk through what I do. I will offer you a solid foundation from which to work effectively with artificial light. With this knowledge base you will be able total those techniques and establish your own signature and style.

    Pricing for Profit

    Pricing can feel like an area in your business that always feels complicated and overwhelming. If your inquiries aren’t easily converting to clients it can be stressful and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Come join Abbey as she walks you through the simplified approach to pricing that she has been implementing in her business for over a decade. You will walk away with a pattern for knowing how to determine exactly what you need to be charging, how to guarantee that your pricing is profitable, and the simple formula for creating pricing and collections that convert inquiries into clients. Whether you are in year one, or year ten, this simple formula works and grows with you as your business is growing.

    Manageable Marketing

    Ever feel like marketing is a full-time job? Spend more time trying to figure out how to find new clients and reach new followers than actually working with them? Is your approach, put stuff out in the world and pray it sticks? In this class, Abbey is going to show you how she simplified marketing and made it manageable and achievable. The simple process she follows that generates over 700 inquiries to her business a year.

    Image Critique

    -Jessica White and Brooke Shultz

    One of the best ways to bring your shooting to the “next level” is to have a mentor critique your portfolio.  We often can’t see past our creative blocks and need another’s perspective.  We will be asking you to submit 3-5 images before the workshop.  We will then do a critique at the workshop.  Don’t fear, we have had our images critiqued before so we’ll be gentle on you, yet give you some awesome direction to take your images from “okay” to “wow”!

    Dinner with Instructors

    -Abbey Kyhl, Brooke Shultz, Heather Nan and Jessica White

    We value relationships and see the importance of our attendees getting to interact with the instructors on a casual level outside the class setting.  We will wine and dine you the first evening we are together.  With a small setting of only 15 attendees, there will be ample opportunity for you to get to know each of the instructors over delicious food.  We plan to rotate tables for appetizers, main course and dessert so that you will get to meet everyone!  Some of the instructors and attendees may become your best advocates to build your business!

    Q&A–Wedding Photography

    —Jessica White and Heather Nan

    We have all attended workshops before and the things we’ve found to be most beneficial is OPEN DISCUSSION!!! We will ask you to submit a handful of your most pressing questions about wedding photography. With our guided discussion, your ability to learn and RETAIN will dramatically increase as you hear us answer your questions! From how to prepare yourself and your clients for the wedding, to the actual day of shooting the wedding, we’ve got you covered!